UAV pilot training in the world's first and only Dronpark concept!


As Fly BVLOS, our UAV, JACKAL, which has the capability of vertical landing and take-off, and which we have succeeded in exporting to the United Kingdom, serves in a wide area of use with its 15 kg load capacity and 130 km range. Technical Specifications of Jackal: Vertical landing/takeoff 5m wingspread 15 kg load capacity 4000 m max. Altitude 108 km/h cruising speed 160 km/h max. speed Satcom satellite control feature




As Fly BVLOS technology, the Sancak UAV in our inventory, which we use both in our trainings and in our consultancy services, is ready for opreating in any field conditions. Technical Specifications of Sancak: Vertical landing/takeoff 4.73m wingspread 5 kg load capacity 40 km range 2 hours hovering capacity 111 km/h max speed


Delta UAV, with its safe and durable design features, offers the vertical landing and take-off capability of multi-rotor systems and the horizontal flight efficiency of fixed-wing platforms. This unmanned aerial vehicle, which we use in our BVLOS training and has the ability to move beyond the field of view, has its core made from a multi-layer composite structure with Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) material to protect the payload and flight avionics even in challenging weather conditions and worst scenarios. The foam-based material also ensures that the Delta stays above the water during an emergency landing.